Community Care for Central Hastings Inc.
Serving Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, Tweed and Surrounding Area

108 Russell St., Box 201
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Phone:(613) 473-9009
Toll Free(800) 554-1564
Fax:(613) 473-9010

Monday to Thursday
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Friday 8:30 to 3:00pm

A Volunteer called to let us know he is moving. He stated that “it has been a pleasure being a part of this wonderful organization and being able to help those people that have difficulty in doing these things for themselves.
From day 1, everyone that I have encountered in the office have made me feel like I was appreciated. Once I get settled in my new house, hopefully I will be able to continue some measure of volunteering.”
May 2016

Caring comes from within, but our strength comes from our Volunteers

Volunteer Programs

We have a variety of Programs we offer to seniors in the community which require the support of volunteers. These include:

  • Meals on Wheels- food preparers, drivers and assistance coordinating Socials
  • Line Dancing Luncheon Assistance
  • Friendly Active Living Instructors for low impact exercise.
  • Home Help and Maintenance - a brokered program to assist clients with indoor and outdoor home maintenance
  • Reassurance Calls to clients, providing a friendly voice and reassurance
  • Friendly Visiting to clients, to spend time with an isolated senior or physically disabled adult.
  • Transportation, driving clients both long and short distances to appointments, shopping and social activities.
  • Diners Club, assist in preparing, serving, cleanup of meals. Entertainers are always appreciated for these events.
  • Hidden Treasures, is our retail outlet for slightly loved items. We welcome volunteers to assist at the store and donations are always gladly excepted with a few exceptions.
  • Office- assistance in any number of tasks
  • Board Members- to support the agency mission and objectives
  • Foundation Members- to assist the agency in activities and fundraising
  • To become a volunteer you can call the office or print the volunteer form and mail it back to us.

    Volunteer Rights

    As a volunteer providing services to clients of Community Care for Central Hastings, you can expect that:

    1. You will be treated with dignity and respect
    2. You will be treated as a co-worker.
    3. You will have the support of other volunteers and paid staff.
    4. You will be given a suitable assignment with consideration for personal preference, skills and education.
    5. You may request help if a job is too large or strenuous.
    6. You will receive guidance and direction.
    7. Your comments and concerns regarding working conditions or clients, will be addressed by your supervisor.
    8. You will be heard, have a part in planning and be shown respect for your opinion.
    9. You will be appreciated and recognized for your service.
    10. Your personal information will be kept confidential.
    11. You will work in a safe environment. You may refuse to do any task that you feel to be unsafe.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    As a Community Care volunteer you have the responsibility to:

    1. Be sincere in the offer of the service.
    2. Be loyal to Community Care for Central Hastings.
    3. Maintain the dignity and integrity of the agency.
    4. Maintain the standards of confidentiality regarding agency or client information.
    5. Understand your volunteer role.
    6. Carry out the duties promptly regarding agency or client information.
    7. Participate in orientation and ongoing training.
    8. Accept the guidelines and decisions of your supervisor.
    9. Maintain a positive working relationship with others and work within the boundaries of the volunteer position description.
    10. Refer clients to the office if they contact you directly for service.
    11. Collect specified fees from clients and remit according to agency policy.
    12. Decline all offers of money over the scheduled fee.


    If you are someone who loves to drive and who is interested in taking seniors to their appointments, this program is for you.

    If you enjoy preparing meals, driving or meeting new people, the Meals on Wheels Program is for you.
    We are currently looking for volunteers;
    To help prepare and pack the meals in Ivanhoe.
    To pick up the meals from Ivanhoe and bring them back to your community in the Tweed and Stirling areas.
    Currently looking for volunteers to deliver the meals to the clients in your community in the Tweed and Stirling areas.

    If you enjoy getting to know people and looking for something to do once a month, the Diners Club program is for you.
    Currently looking for volunteers;
    To call clients to notify them of the upcoming diners in the Stirling area.
    To help prepare the meal in the Stirling area.
    To help set up and clean up in the Stirling and Madoc area.

    If you are someone interested in providing a listening ear and friendly voice to a lonely senior or adult with physical disabilities this program is for you.
    Currently looking for Reassurance volunteers to call on any of the following days;
    Marmora clients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Stirling clients on Mondays and Fridays.
    Tweed clients on Fridays.

    If you are someone looking to help maintain a client’s home (indoors or outdoors) the Household Management program is for you.
    Currently looking for Snow Removal brokered workers in the Marmora and Stirling areas.
    Currently looking for brokered workers to help with indoor tasks in the Marmora area.