About Us

Serving Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, Tweed and Surrounding Area

Our Board of Directors

Chair Person: Terry Richmond, Vice Chair: David Cronhielm, Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Cliff Derry, Directors: Wynne Rollins, Jim Denison, Brent Seaton, David Redcliffe & Doug Hunter

Community Care for Central Hastings (CCCH) Staff

Executive Director: Pat Dobb, Finance Manager: Debbie Courneya, Administrative Assistant: Tammy May, Care Coordinators: Lynn Bird (Foot Care, Transportation) Veronica Flint (Household Management, New Client), Jennifer Maloney (Diners Club, Volunteers) & Noreen Reilly (MOW, Reassurance), Hidden Treasures Coordinator: Violet Sleeper, Team Support Assistant: Sue McKeown

Regional Care Coordinator Program (RCC) Staff

RCC Manager: Val Myles Gill, Care Coordinators: Danielle Fenwick, Iain Todd, Sara Pincott, Natalie Pollock, Samantha Hill, Taylor Maines, Erin Corrigan & Alexandria Devlin, Team Assistants: Natacha Lavigne & Layla Thompson Molenaar, Team Support Assistant: Shannin Parks