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Brokered Worker Programs

Community Care’s Household Management program matches in need clients with brokered workers. Brokered workers can assist with routine household indoor, outdoor tasks or one-time specific jobs.

Who is eligible?

Only registered clients are eligible for assistance through the Household Management program. Clients must be seniors (age 60+) or adults with physical challenges.

What Type of Help is Available?

Indoor tasks are considered regular, on-going assistance with routine household tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping. They may also provide assistance with small, one-time chores around the house such as the installation of safety rails or minor home repairs. This service is not intended to involve major jobs or be in competition with commercial tradespeople.

Outdoor tasks are considered yard work or general clean-up in the yard or basement. This service is not intended to involve major jobs or be in competition with commercial tradespeople.

Please read this information carefully!

Who are Brokered Workers?

Brokered Workers offer a wide variety of skills. These skills may have been learned through on- the-job experience, personal interests or previous employment. Brokered Workers are often retired individuals who desire to remain active in the community. Brokered workers are not employees of Community Care; they work independently as representatives of the agency.


Individuals must meet the agency’s screening requirements prior to becoming a Brokered Worker. This screening includes a criminal reference check and a minimum of two references supplied by the Brokered Worker.


Workers follow a range of fees as approved by the Board of Directors. The client is responsible for any materials/supplies that may be required. Fees are to be paid directly to the brokered worker for the services provided, at a price the client and the worker agree upon.


The agency does not provide insurance coverage for brokered workers. If an accident or loss should happen, the client would have to rely on the brokered worker’s insurance or the client’s own insurance coverage. Community Care is not liable for any injury or loss that occurs from the client/brokered worker relationship.

Contracting a Worker

The brokered workers have advised that they are able to perform the work for which they are being referred. However, Community Care does not inspect work the brokered worker has done, and is not responsible for any work performed by the brokered worker. Any arrangement made for services with a brokered worker is a private agreement between the client and the brokered worker. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the work is completed satisfactorily.

Using the Service

Registered clients may contact Community Care at any time to request assistance through the Household Management Program.
The property where the service is provided must be the client’s primary residence.
Workers will not provide assistance with personal care or become involved with a client’s financial and/ or legal matters.

For further information, please Community Care office.