General Eligibility Criteria

  • People aged 60 or over with dependencies related to: the aging process; a previous illness or injury; a sustained or periodic impairment; or a physical disability.
  • People under age 60 who have a permanent physical disability and require physical assistance with activities of daily living, in order to accomplish such tasks safely and within a reasonable time.
  • Eligibility for programs and services is based upon assessed need.
  • Services that are provided, are intended to help the people receiving support with activities of daily living to maintain their independence within the community.
  • The principal full-time residence of the consumer should be located in Central Hastings.
  • Other individuals may be accepted on referral from other programs or agencies at the discretion of the agency Executive Director.
  • Services will not be provided to people with a developmental disability.

Privacy Policy

At Community Care, we take your privacy very seriously. In addition to our established policy of dealing with personal health and other information in a sensitive manner, we are required by law to ensure that our Collection, Use, Retention and Disclosure of Personal Information is carried out in accordance with established principles and requirements of Ontario's Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), 2004. You can review our Policy here.


Our Client Bill of Rights

You can review our Bill of Rights and Client Responsibilities document here.