Household Management

Household Management

Homemaking | Home Maintenance is available for clients to assist with routine household tasks and assistance with small, one-time chores around the house.

Brokered Worker Programs: CCCH matches 'in need' clients with brokered workers. Brokered workers can assist with routine household indoor or outdoor tasks, or one-time specific jobs.

Indoor tasks are considered regular, on-going assistance with routine household tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping. Assistance may also be provided for small, one-time chores around the house.  This service is not intended to involve major jobs or meant to compete with commercial tradespeople.

Outdoor tasks are considered yard work or general clean-up in the yard or basement. This service is not intended to involve major jobs or be in competition with commercial tradespeople.

The client is responsible for any materials/supplies that may be required and are invoiced by CCCH for the services arranged and approved by the client. More information on our Brokered Workers Program is available.

If you are interested in this program please call CCCH or click the link above.